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How to get Success in Exams

Guessing the correct option

Always read all options in a question before encircle the correct answer. If you are not sure about the correct option and you want guessing the correct option, read again the question intelligently. According to homework doer online free there may be a clue/related word in the question/options. Check the options grammatically also there may be a similar option with wrong spelling or misguiding letter/word.

Orderly, Effective and Legible handwriting:

In conventional types of papers, generally deduction of marks being done for illegible handwriting. Similarly, credit will given for orderly, effective and exact expression combined with due economy of words. Hence according to be careful while answering the questions. Aspirants should remember that marks will not be allotted for mere superficial knowledge in conventional types papers. In depth study of the subject books is required for fundamental knowledge and applied concepts of the subjects.

Exam pattern and Syllabus:

Candidates should check carefully the exam pattern and syllabus and level of questions before appearing in the final examination.

Perspiration and Inspiration

Single minded focus, conceptual clarity and honest, clear intentions play a more important role. Stay positive and have faith in oneself. There is no shortcut to success and sincere, honest and intelligent preparation is sure to bear fruit.

Believe in yourself, when others can do it, then for sure even you can do it. Stay focused and prepare hard and smart.

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Fig. 1. Over-achievers and under-achievers

Incentives of different kinds will naturally appeal to different kinds of people, according to childhood and adolescent experience. Within a given individual, incentives tend to shift, at least superficially. The incentives of self-respect, self-gratification, and .^//-advancement tell much of the early story. Later in life, other incentives enter the picture.

If one can clearly relate the self to the outcome of studying, it becomes easier to study. The pleasure of winning, of showing someone you could do it, the fear of failing, and the shame of not measuring up, if you can only personalize these forces and direct them toward reading books and toward high-level mental activity, can be your strong allies in making the most of study time. Exactly what will appeal to you as an incentive is hard to say. Loftier goals — the betterment of one's family, community, nation, etc. — usually arise later in life. If you can relate your work to these goals, you are indeed displaying a high degree of maturity.

According to studydaddy most students have vague incentives which have not been brought into sharp focus. As you read along in this book, perhaps you will begin to see what education is all about, and this comprehension will help sharpen your own incentives.

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