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Golden Isles Olive Oil

Donastia Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets

Donastia Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets

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Cantabrian Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil 


Premium Cantabrian anchovies from the waters of northern Spain, wild-caught via sustainable fishing techniques and delivered fresh to the factory, presalted, cured in a "salmuera" brine of water, fat, and sea salt, and ultimately hand filleted and packed in olive oil. Cantabrian anchovies are prized for their quality, meaty fillets ranging from reddish brown to light caramel with flavor that is the ideal balance of oil, sea salt, and fish; nothing like the typical anchovies found in supermarkets.

For a quick pintxo, skewer an anchovy, an olive, and a guindilla pepper on a toothpick to make the classic 'Gilda' found in bars throughout San Sebastián. Pairs well with a good red wine from Rioja.

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