4 Veggie Patties. Fully Cooked. Vegan. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. Keep Frozen until ready to eat. 

Only available for store pick up. 


Once upon a time....in the lingering days of the last century, a little cafe owner in the rolling hills of the southern Appalachians had a dream of sharing one of her most favourite and cherished childhood foods with the world.


So..Maria set out with great determination and perseverance to recreate a vegetarian burger that yer mother had made for her as a little girl, and spread it across the whole Earth. Well, as the world began to taste this new and delightful treat, the demand for this burger became so very great that Maria had to build a special kitchen and work long days and nights just to keep up with all the friends, stores, and cafes that wanted to serve her delicious creation.


Now Maria has found many helpers..and The Good Life Corporation would love to introduce you to possibly the best vegan, gluten free, good for you pattie on the planet. We hope you will enjoy the Skye Burger!

Skye Burger--The Ultimate Veggie Burger


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