Naturally fermented and cured Sevillian style, these manzanillas are the highest quality available of the most popular Spanish olives, handpicked in Andalusia and stuffed with piquillo peppers roasted over embers for a unique, piquant flavor.

How good are these olives? One customer supplied this story about her visit to a fine restaurant in Bend, OR:

On a whim I ordered a martini and wow, it was the best! I asked the bartender what vodka they used and she told me a French brand but said it’s more likely the olives. I bought a jar from her there and then was on a mission to find them again. Here I am. Now the important thing is that I had not been a martini drinker before. These olives made me one. :)

That's how good these olives are.

As mentioned in Bon Appétit Magazine; Donostia Foods manzanilla olives are a close second only to one tiny, difficult to locate, artisan olive shop in Paris. But, we send them straight to your door. Cuts down on jet lag.

Donostia Manzanilla Olives stuffed w/Piquillo Pepper


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