The Graventein Apple is an incredibly hard to find varietal due to the difficulty farmers have cultivating it.  In addition to contending wiht a very finicky tree, it's also not an apple that trave3ls or stores well so it is best enjoyed during its relatively short season and isn't typically shipped far.  It's grown in pockets u pthe coast of Northern California and prized for it's amazing ambrosia perfume, and crisp, sweet-tart cream colored flesh.  Our Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic marries the complexity of the Gravenstein's larger than life flavor with our well balanced Ultra Premium White Balsamic from Modena Italy for a delectable culinary symphony.


Beautiful marinade for all your pork, chicken or fish dishes. It adds a refreshing lift to salads, sauces, chutneys and vegetables.  Mix equally with our French Toasted French Walnut Olive Oil and shake well for a knock out vinaigrette dressing.

Suggested Olive Oil Pairings:

Roasted French Walnut Olive Oil

Japanese Roasted Sesame Olive Oil

Blood Orange Olive Oil

Toasted Almon Olive OIl


Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic


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