The ultimate way to store your Extra Virgin OliveOil andthey look sexy in your kitchen.

The fustis offered here are made from the finest available Italian 18/10 stainless steel under the best possible quality controlled conditions. All joints are TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded to insure completely smooth interior and exterior surfaces to prevent matter accumulation. These fustis are not the more common and less expensive folded metal containers that are constructed like tin cans, and have seams that can trap food particles, leading to bacterial contamination. 

The NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) liters from Minox have a special seal and lid cover and has been tested by NSF laboratories. Fustis add more class to your kitchen and is a perfect gift for the chef or cook who has everything.

Fusti 3 Liter with Stand & Spigot

  • Thank you for purchasing this fusti made from the finest Italian stainless steel. Our Italian suppliers of these containers have been innovating and shaping the introduction of stainless steel to the food industry. Instructions for use and maintenance We recommend that you always wash your container when you first use it, as there may be residual metal particles or oils resulting from the production process. The use of neutral detergent associated with lukewarm water is sufficient to remove such residues. Avoid using scouring pads or wire brushes, which may damage the steel surface. It is also advisable to dry the container carefully before use so as to avoid contact of water with the liquid content if being used for non-water consumption. We suggest that you check the perfect leak-tightness of the container prior to use. Fill the fusti up with water and check for possible leaks around the bottom and the tap fitting. Spigot Instillation Inside the container you will find a white rubber seal, which must be positioned along the inner circumference of the cap, taking care that it adheres perfectly to the appropriate surface. Then lay the cap and turn it clockwise. For the 3 and 5 liters, a tap will be fastened. However, if you wish to remove it for cleaning or replacement, use a wrench to unscrew the tap and at the same time, from inside the drum, remove the metal ring. To reassemble, fit the tap into the special hole and lock it from the inside with the metal ring.


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