For the most part, we recommend mixing using a 50/50 ratio; however, you may add more Oil or Balsamic to fit your individual taste.  When using marinates, use the following chart to determine the length of time to marinate your protein:

Fish & Seafood

15-30 minutes


5 minutes

Steak & Vegetables

2-4 hours

Chicken, Duck, & Pork

2-24 hours


A few of our favorite marinates are:

                Lemon Olive Oil with any seafood

                Persian Lime Olive Oil with Sicilian Lemon Balsamic also great on seafood

                Vermont Maple with any EVOO is great on Fish, Pork, and Chicken

                Baklouti Olive Oil with Strawberry, Raspberry or Apple great on Pork

                Garlic Olive Oil with Ripe Peach Balsamic terrific on shrimp (I also add a little BBQ Sauce)

                Garlic, Basil, and/or Rosemary Olive Oil with Traditional Balsamic on vegetables you’ll want to use a two or three to one ratio here (more Olive Oil than balsamic), drizzle chopped vegetables then toss to coat before baking or grilling.

                Any EVOO to keep it simple and bring out the best flavor for filet mignon and other choice cuts of beef, I simple use an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (high polyphenol for high heat cooking), and add coarse ground pepper and a little salt sisters Blend (onion, garlic, salt, pepper).